1 Channel Z-Wave 7 Day Time Control and RF Room Thermostat


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The SEC_SCP318-SET combines a 7 day single channel timeswitch with a wireless Z-Wave Room thermostat and can be used for adding an extra zone into an existing installation. Because of its TPI energy saving software the user can start to save up to 10% energy consumption. The Programmer and Room thermostat communicate with each other via Z Wave commands. Time controlThe SEC_SCP318 timeswitch will allow up to 3 ON/OFF settings per 24 hours 7 days a week. To temporarily override current settings the device has an 1 hour manual Boost Function, which allows the user to boost the system to be currently OFF for 1 hour, and an Advance Function button, which allows the user to advance the system to ON when currently OFF or switch the system OFF when currently ON. Additionally the device has a programming switch allowing permanent selection of: OFF/ON/AUTO/ALL DAY.Room thermostatThe battery operated wall thermostat has a big adjustment wheel which can be used to preset the desired target temperature in the room in a range of 5


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