ZME Remote Control /Scene Controller


The Z-Wave.Me Remote controls Z-Wave actuators such as dimmers, switches, thermostats or motor controls for blinds or jalousies and it can activate scenes in central gateways or any other Z-Wave devices. Devices can be turned on and off but dimmers and motor controls can also be turned into a desired dimming level to motor position by keeping a button pushed and releasing it. Although it is controlling other devices, the device can’t act as Z-Wave network controller (primary or secondary) and will always need a Z-Wave network controller to be included into a Z-Wave network. The device can be used in different modes that are selected by configuration parameters 11-21:

  1. Direct control of associated devices
  2. Control of all devices in the Z-Wave network
  3. Simple and enhanced scene activation

10 pair of buttons – illuminated by blue light when operated – allow to control up to 10 control groups (either association groups or scenes)

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