Z-Wave Smoke Detector + Temperature Sensor


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The Z-Wave compatible smoke detector from manufacturer Popp detects reliably emerging fires in your house and safes life and estate of your family. Recoginzing fires primary works free of radioactivity with the help of a photoelectric sensor, which reacts on smoke particle concentrations between 1.8 % and 3.1 %. Additionally, the smoke detector contains a temperature sensor, which is used parallelly for detecting fires, avoiding false alarm and at the same time measuring the temperature in the room. According to the guideline DIN EN14604, the smoke detector warns via a light signal and a siren. This siren has a defined volume of 85db in a distance of 3 meters. The device comes along with a modern design. It is easy to install and easy for professional installers to open for cleaning. A lock prevents the installation of the device without battery. The automatic self-calibration and self-test increase the reliability of the device. After the installation a manual system test can be done by pushing the key button on the device. The smoke detector has a wireless connection to the Z-Wave network. The measured values of the temperature sensor and the current battery level can be read out by a Z-Wave controller. A regular status report of the sensor enables a comfortable centralized management of many devices. It generates different alarm signals that either are received and evaluated by a central Z-Wave controller or can control switching actions of other Z-Wave devices (e.g. turning on/ off the light) directly: Fire alarm (displayed locally by light and audio) Battery level warning, when the battery power level drops below 20% (shown locally by light and short audio) Tamper protection if the device is removed from the bracket Fall above or below a temperature range (thresholds can be programmed wirelessly via Z-Wave)


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