QEES Dimmer and Power Meter


SKU: QEE_Shell-D


The 400 Watt universal dimmer with build-in electricity meter is a combined lights dimmer and meter. The dimmer allows you to dim the light, increase comfort and save energy. This can be very useful if you wish to save energy as well as the environment. The dimmer can be controlled either locally or using a Z-Wave controller. The build in electricity meter measures the power consumed by the attached bulb in watt. It also keeps track of the accumulated usage in Kwh.The information can be retrieved using the Z-Wave protocol and can be used to build graphs, compare usage, etc. This functionality helps you get a clear picture of which light uses power and how much. The detailed usage information gives you the information neededto start saving energy efficient, without having to give up the comfort thus the dimmer can be adjusted using a remote control.


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