Z-Wave.Me Wall Controller


The wireless wall switch can be used both as primary and secondary controller (integrated into an existing Z-Wave network). With buttons 3 and 4 you can include new devices to the switch.

Simultaneously you can exclude (remove) devices from your Z-Wave network. Configured as a primary controller the wireless switch has the ability to manage its own Z-Wave network and to control devices such as sockets, window blinds, dimmer, lights, electronic door locks and many more in this way.

During inclusion process the wireless switch checks the new device’s functions (switch, dim,…) and assigns the correct functions to its buttons automatically.

The ZWE_SW7 frame with rocker switch fits perfect to the WALLC-2 wireless wall switch’s board. At first view the rocker switch looks like an ordinary rocker switch, but it has significant more functions. For example the rocker switch can tilt diagonal over the switch’s center pushing all 4 buttons in the switch’s corners individual. In addition the switch is able to distinguish single and double click triggering appropriate functions.

Together with rocker switch SW7 the WALLC-2 wireless wall switch can be integrated easily to frames of the following manufacturer’s switch series:   (S.1, B.1, B.3, B.7 Glas), GIRA (System 55, Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit), Merten (1-M, Atelier-M, M-Smart, M-Arc, M-Star, M-Plan), JUNG (A 500, AS 500, A plus, A creation) und ELSO

  • As simple as an ordinary light switch  – but more versatile
  • Supports Security / secured connection
  • 4 buttons can be assigned free (as single buttons or button pairs)
  • Optimized energy management for longer battery life
  • Suitable frame and rocker switch: ZWE_SW7
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